Holistic Retreats

“Our wish to excel in life, helps us exceed our own expectations”

Findhorn is a beautiful seaside village beside the Moray Firth… an ideal location for creating a retreat and healing center. Lifeforce retreats our designed around your specific health requirements and personal needs.

….retreat, relax and rejuvenate.

You will be in a calm and tranquil environment with highly skilled practitioners, organically grown food, healthy treatments – all in a nurturing and unpretentious setting.

  • Spiritual retreat – this is a gentle and natural process where your spiritual path will be consciously embraced and expanded.
  • Silent retreat – creating a sacred space for meditation and stillness, allowing the individual deep insight into their personal energetic fields of self awareness and individual process work.
  • Detox retreat – a deep process of fasting and other cleansing treatments (including enema therapy) that enables the physiological removal of natural toxic substances from the human body.This retreat will also require your personal Medical Doctors/Homeopathic Doctors approval.
  • Holiday retreat – all one needs is a quiet space to relax, rejuvenate and recharge your batteries; away from work and sometimes a mini-break from parenting can also be healthy and beneficial. A nourishing and pampered retreat.
  • Home retreat – ideal for clients who feel more comfortable to remain in their own home. We provide this retreat as a service for national and international clients; if required we can come and visit or stay with you (to give different sessions) and also create a healing programme that suits your health and personal needs.

We also offer advice on how to create your own private retreat at home without the need of any outer supervision. Please contact us for further details.

A full confidential medical consultation is required initially to establish the highest and most positive healing experience we can create for you; with a customised daily programme of treatments and consultations through our network of experienced practioners.

If you have any questions please go to the contact us page

All our healing work is done in our yurt in the back garden. A spacious and well insulated space.
Lighthaven, our eco-friendly family home where we also grow our own biodynamic fruit and organic vegetables

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